Better Machines for Today and Tomorrow

Adam Livesay
Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Elevāt
Better Machines for Today and Tomorrow

Elevāt helps machinery operators and manufacturers automate and manage fleet deployment, operations, maintenance, and development. From increasing utilization and yields while decreasing downtime, service calls and warranty returns, to virtual technician support, remote asset control capabilities, and research and development for next generation machines, Elevāt is redefining industrial IoT. Here are some real-world examples of how Elevāt is carving a path to industrial IoT (IIoT) 2.0.

Higher Yields

It only took a couple of weeks for the manufacturer of a woodchipper to realize that dull blades lead to slower production and lower output. Once they began working with clients to replace the blades more frequently, the yields remained high, increasing the output and revenue for their customers. This is a real-world example of how IoT data tracked across a fleet can improve output across all machines delivered by a manufacturer.

Fewer Failures

A company that manufacturers pile drivers saw there were big pressure spikes in the data from their deployed machines. It turned out the machine operators were throwing the machines into full reverse when they reached the prescribed depth, causing the pressure spikes. Knowing this allowed them to improve the design of their system and add safety features to their machines. This ended up reducing service calls due to failures, ensuring replacement parts were on order when needed, and decreased overall warranty costs for the manufacturer while keeping customers happy with increased uptime.

A Competitive Edge

A cement trowel company used Elevāt data to realize they could reduce the engine size of their machines and create a hybrid product line. This also led to the first true 12-foot blade with less torque. This company is now completely changing the industry with hybrid electric machines.

The Future of IoT

As autonomy and artificial intelligence (AI) become increasingly part of how companies advance their machine solutions, Elevāt is well-positioned to not only support these advancements, but to lead them. Cloud-connected machines are the bridge to IIoT 2.0 and beyond. Elevāt is here to help fleet owners and OEMs develop the next generation of machines.

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Elevāt EZ makes implementing a full-functionality machine IoT and telematics solution easy. Elevāt EZ features include:

  • Map view Asset tracking
    Asset overview popup
    Asset clustering
  • Alarms and notifications Conditional alerts
    Customized reports
  • Big data Transfer data to your server
  • Optimization Utilization views
    Utilization reports
  • Aftermarket parts view Parts forecasting
    Parts part number lookup
    Parts service recommendations
  • Maintenance view Maintenance planning
    Maintenance tracking
    Maintenance history
    DM1 fault codes
  • Command and Control Remote commands to machines
  • Communication CAN data
    Transmission rates (options available)
    Cell data
    More details

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