Emanuel Zareh

Emanuel Zareh


I come from a family of dreamers. My entire family - from grandparents to great aunts, parents to cousins - all immigrated from a volatile region to pursue freedoms that only America allowed.

Speaking only their native language fluently, my family had little choice but to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities to build the foundation of their lives. While this story is not unique, my family’s story formed me. It taught me to pursue dreams, seek new adventures, keep faith during failures and display humility amidst successes.

I love working with entrepreneurs. I appreciate what founders endure and the legacy they seek to leave for future generations.

Nothing is more thrilling than a founder that dreams of large-scale change. The audacity of that hope is contagious. It motivates me to find creative ways to partner with founders over the long term. It forces me to keep learning new sectors, new approaches, new processes, and new technologies.

Our founders are among the smartest and sharpest people in the world. Their work ethics and decorations are perhaps unmatched. Not only that - but they’re changing the world for the better!

Founders may feel blessed when they receive investments for their endeavors - but I’m the lucky one to have learned and been challenged to broaden my horizons by them.

I am dedicated to funding female, international, and minority founders. I was raised by three ladies - my grandmother, mother, and aunt - as we all lived together. My grandmother - of blessed memory - dedicated her life to raise me in order to allow my mom the opportunity to work. My mom sacrificed many of her dreams - personally and professionally - so that I can pursue mine. And all of this after they bravely left their homeland - where cultural biases existed against women - so future generations could live free, unencumbered by biases against gender, race, and heritage.

I want to pass this favor along to others. This value is core to Emles Venture Partners - equality of opportunity.

It’s my hope that as a venture investor, I help enable the dreams of the best founders from anywhere and from any background.